5 Reasons to Buy Mum an Apron for Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day in nine days!  We know that it can be very difficult to pick out the perfect gift for the woman who does so much for us.  We at Measina believe that we have found that perfect gift!  An apron!  I can hear you screaming at your computer screen “um hello! We are not in the 1920s where a woman’s place was believed to be in the kitchen!”  I never said that a woman’s place was in the kitchen, just have an open mind and hear me out please.  We are not talking about just any apron.  We are talking about these four gorgeous aprons.

Polynesian Kids Language School Aprons

What is so special about these aprons you ask?  Here are 5 reasons to buy Mum an Apron for Mother’s Day and why these aprons are the aprons to buy.

Polynesian Kids Community Language School

1. The purchase of these aprons supports the Polynesian Kids Community Language School to keep the Tongan and Samoan languages alive in our children so that they can grow to have a strong knowledge of who they are and where they came from. So not only will you be giving your mum a beautiful gift that she will love and adore, you will also be helping to keep languages alive!  I would make sure to write that as a side note in her card, you can never have enough brownie points!

2. Each apron helps to share the Tongan and Samoan language with people all over the world. What easier way is there to start a conversation about culture and language than by having a person ask the meaning of the words on an apron? Just in case you were wondering here is what each of the aprons say:

 Aulelei lau kuka

Aulelei lau kuka (Samoan) – Your cooking looks good 

Kisi le kuka

Kisi le kuka (Samoan) – Kiss the cook

Tama kuki maa lahi

Tama kuki maa lahi (Tongan) – The cook is good looking

'Uma ki he kuki

‘Uma ki he kuki (Tongan) – Kiss the cook

3. Aprons are one size fits all. You do not need to worry about whether or not it is going to fit your mum. The necks are adjustable as well as the waist tie and as you can see in these pictures they even fit small children!

4. The aprons are black. What does the colour have to do with anything? If you are as messy of a cook as I am then you would know what happens to a white apron while cooking spaghetti, it gets stains all over it!  By having a black apron you not only protect your clothes, but it is harder to stain which means you are not going to hide it in a cupboard after one use because you got pasta sauce stains all over it.  I may or may not be talking from personal experience.

5. You can use it too! I know it is selfish but if you give your mum a pair of slippers or pyjamas what’s in it for you? You could probably sneak a chocolate or two, but once they are finished it is all finished.  When buying this apron you will not only be giving your mum an amazing gift, you will also be giving yourself a gift.  Or, you could treat yourself and buy an apron for you and your mum! 

MUMSDAY5 store credit

If you were not convinced by these 5 reasons to buy your mum an apron for Mother’s Day then please accept this $5 store credit as an apology/ thank you gift for reading to the end of our blog! 

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