Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

dad father's day gift guide

Father’s Day gifts are easy when you are young. You make a card at school and place the macaroni necklace around his neck in a symbol of love. Once you get a little older, a macaroni gift just won't do. Every father is different. They all like different things. So here is your Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2016.

Healthy Dad

If your dad is all about staying healthy and making sure his body is treated like a temple then this is the gift for him.  Our grain free bread mixes mean that dad will be able to eat his bread knowing that there are no artificial ingredients. It is completely natural. Our bread mixes can also be made to be dairy free friendly, vegan friendly, celiac friendly and paleo friendly. Not only are our bread mixes good for dad, but he will have an added gift of knowing that the purchase of this bread mix also helped victims of abuse in Samoa to lead better lives.

Grain Free Bread Mixes


Sweet Dad

If your dad has a sweet tooth then why not give him some chocolate? Not just any chocolate though. We mean mouth watering Living Koko Dark Chocolate. Cacao beans are collected from rural villages in Samoa. They are then roasted and processed with just two ingredients: organic cacao beans and sugar! So it is chocolate in its purest form, but also has the sweetness that any sweet tooth would crave.

67% Dark Chocolate


Sporty Dad

We are not going to go with the cliché that all dad’s love sport. We do know that many father’s like sport. But even if your dad doesn’t like sport, he can appear to be sporty by wearing a snap back cap.

Snap Back Caps


Casual Dad

If your dad is lounging at home or heading to the shops or even taking you to school/work/sport/movies/friend’s house/shopping then he will need something that can be worn comfortably and stylishly to all places. You can get him a #1 dad t-shirt, but is he going to wear that in public? Probably not. The Tanoa Flare T-shirts come in a range of different colours and feature traditional Samoan designs. These designs are also found in many other Pacific island cultures.  They are comfortable enough to wear everyday around the house, but stylish enough that you can wear them outside the home and still look cool.

Tanoa Samoa Flare T-Shirt


Church Dad

In the Pacific you wear your best clothes to Church on a Sunday. We have the shirt that will keep dad being the envy of every man at church. The Solid Shoulder Shirt comes in black and white. You can get both and dad can wear them on rotation. The traditional Samoan designs ensure that dad will always being wearing Samoa close to his heart, even if he lives overseas. The best thing about these shirts is that you can wear them to a siva, to work, to a birthday party, and even to a club!

Solid Shoulder Shirt



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