Nunoo is here!

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We are proud to be able to partner with the wonderful creators of Nunoo to bring you all, this amazing product.  Not only does it make life as a mother 10 times easier, they are stylish, soft to touch and versatile.

I bet you are wondering, what is a Nunoo? A Nunoo is a multi-use car seat cover. How can a car seat cover be more than one thing you ask? Well, the Nunoo is designed so that it covers a car seat capsule so your cherub is safe from the sun and the wind while inside the car and also attached to a pram.  

 Nunoo Scarf

When baby wakes you just drape your Nunoo around your neck and it becomes an infinity scarf to keep you warm and to save space in your already full baby bag.

 Nunoo Nursing

When baby gets hungry you simply drape the Nunoo over your shoulders and it provides you with 360-degree privacy while you breastfeed.

 Nunoo Trolley Cover

If you think that is all a Nunoo can do you are mistaken! A Nunoo can also be used as a trolley cover when you go shopping giving you peace of mind that our precious child is clean and warm while not having to carry an extra blanket in your bag.

The Nunoo is beautiful and handmade and is so easy to use. Get your Nunoo here today!

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