Staff Picks of the Week

Measina have amazing products and we know you will love each and every one of them. We can't show you all of them in one blog so we've cut it down to our top 5 staff picks of the week.

1. Blue Jean Magic Cushion 

If you read our blog Why Upcycle, then you would know we believe in making old things into new and beautiful products. Here is just one example of our upcycled shirt cushions. Make sure to look at the other upcycled shirt cushions in our homeware collection.


2. Set of 6 Reversible Fabric Placemats

Great play of colors... they look fun together, but having this set in Reversible Placemats means that you can have your happy green out one day and then use your subdued grey the next for a totally new feel!

They are about 27 x 35 cm each. So easy to care for - just wash in delicate on cold and lay flat til dry. Sometimes you may need to iron them after, but that is totally up to you :)

They are made from suiting material so are ready to withstand the usual wear and tear. The dark colours make it so that it is not easily stained.

Reversible Placemats


3. Tanoa T-Shirt Flare

Soft cotton graphic tee.  Solid coloured sleeves with traditional Samoan tattoo designs on the front and back of the t-shirt.  Looks stylish and will make you stand out in a crowd.


4. Elei Baby Wrap

These gorgeous block painted elei baby wraps are a must for any child. They are not only beautiful, they can keep baby warm and double as a burping cloth. Made from mull cotton, once washed it will remain soft and gentle on baby's skin making for the perfect wrap.


5. Peach Plumeria Sei

Our Hina Lei real touch plumeria sei.  Each petal is individually wired so you can shape to suit. 8cm diameter on a 5cm stem. A must have in any wardrobe.

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