What is a Measina Party?

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Measina Treasures of Samoa are an online store selling a range of beautiful products from Samoa, made by Samoans or supporting Samoan causes.  While we know you all love making purchases from the internet, sometimes it is fun to try on clothing and sample the delicious foods before you purchase.  This is why we have started Measina Parties.

A Measina Party is where our sales consultants will bring a range of Measina products to your home to share with your family and friends.  You will have the opportunity to try on our clothes, sample our delicious chocolates and teas.  The difference being that you are able to make the purchase at the party and take it home with you.  No waiting for deliveries.  No postage costs.  It will be like having your own private shop in your living room.

Measina offer a range of products that are limited only to our Measina Parties so you are sure to have products that you know will be exclusive to you and your party guests!

 Measina Treasures of Samoa

Why hold a Measina Party?

Firstly by holding a Measina Party you will be supporting Samoan businesses all over the world.  You will be sharing the treasures of Samoa with all your friends and family so that they will have a greater understanding of Samoa, Samoan culture and products made by Samoans.

Still having doubts on why you should hold a Measina Party?  As the host of the party you will get 5% of all sales made at the party.  That means cold hard cash for you if you host a party.  This will also be great for those who are looking for a different way to fundraise.

 Measina Treasures of Samoa

Future of Measina Parties

Right now Measina Parties are only available in Melbourne.  We hope that as we grow bigger we will be able to expand to other states of Australia and around the world.  This will mean that we will be able to hire more sales consultants and increase employment opportunities. 

For more information on how you can host a Measina Party email info@measinasamoa.com.au

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