Measina Siva Afi Beginner Online Term 2 - Measina Treasures of Samoa
Measina Treasures of Samoa

Measina Siva Afi Beginner Online Term 2

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Thursdays 6 pm to 6:45 pm (during school term except on Victorian public and school holidays) Begins April 16th through to June 25th.

As a student in the Measina Siva Afi School Beginners class you will learn the basic movements of the Samoan warrior.  These will form the foundations needed to progress to advanced moves and ultimately performing with fire.

By the end of the term students will know how to

  • Vili tasi
  • Vili Lua
  • Side to side
  • Behind the back
  • Behind the head

All students will need a practice stick.  You can make your own by watching this video or you can order one here.

All classes are taught in English and Samoan.

There are only 20 places per group.  Please enter an email address so that we can send you the registration letter.