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To share the treasures of Samoa with the world


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Measina is the Samoan word for treasures of Samoa. While it is usually linked to the culture and language of Samoa, we believe that the word itself incorporates all the treasures that Samoa has to offer: it's language, it's culture, it's land, it's people and their products. 

Measina Treasures of Samoa is an online store with a social enterprise at heart. The vision of Measina is to increase the markets for manufacturers in Samoa as well as Samoan businesses all over the world. All our products are either made or designed in Samoa, by a Samoan company or support a Samoan cause. 


Morwenna Petaia

Morwenna Petaia


After spending nine years in Samoa I returned to Australia. With two degrees under my belt, I assumed getting a job would be easy, I was wrong. After struggling to support my son on inconsistent freelance work the time came to go on the dole.  I didn't expect to be dependent on welfare for more than six months. Through my Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) networks, I discovered a government program that assisted people to start their own businesses. I began my journey through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program where I leapt out of my comfort zone and studied bookkeeping, marketing, sales and what it takes to develop a business from scratch. My passion for opening a store where I could help Samoans was always a dream I had one day hoped to achieve. Through the help and support of many, I was able to achieve this dream and so was born Measina Treasures of Samoa.

 Our Creators Past and Present

Tanoa Samoa, Mahealani Island Wear, Enara, Plantation House, Hina Lei, Living Koko, Get Ya Yum On, Mailelani, Polynesian Kids Community Language School, Taro King, Aolele Creative, TH Plantation, Cass' Candles and many vendors from the markets of Samoa.


A small selection of Measina Samoa products can be found at:

Vaiusu Creators Space in Sunshine and
Kiwi Pacific Stores in Jacana and Laverton


If you are a Samoan creator or simply want to share the treasures of Samoa and would like to collaborate with us please contact sales [at] measinasamoa [dot] com [dot] au