5 Handy Tips for Feeding Baby

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Your child has reached the stage where they are able to begin eating solid foods.  This is a great time and should be celebrated.  However, babies don’t always like the food they are given and can even see food as being a new toy which can lead to a big MESS!  It will not only get on their clothes it will get on you, it can even get on the walls!  So here are 5 handy tips for feeding baby.

  1. Let baby set the pace for the meal

When you sit down to eat a meal you may like to take your time and savour the flavours this way you get to enjoy what you are eating.  Your baby is the same.  This is the time when they are learning new tastes and textures so let them enjoy this experience.  If they eat slowly they may just be savouring the flavours.  If your child is enjoying their meal, why rush it?

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  1. Protect baby’s clothes with a good bib

Bibs are an amazing invention.  They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.  Make sure to find a bib that suits you and your child especially when they are eating because then you reduce the risk of stains to your child’s clothing which means less washing for you!

  1. Try a variety of different foods

As an adult if you don’t like a certain food you are most likely not going to eat it.  Try introducing a new food to your child each week.  This gives baby time to really see if they like the food and for you to keep note of what foods they like or dislike.  If is like my food I am going to eat it all and not play with it.  The same principle can go with children; if they like it and are hungry they will eat it.

  1. Don’t discipline baby for being messy

As we mentioned earlier eating is a special time for children.  It is a time of learning.  When in kindergarten they are given a variety of toys with different textures so that they could feel the difference.  This continues on with their food.  They learn the different textures and tastes while eating, especially when eating finger foods.

You will find there are two reasons a child will throw their food.  The first is that they are full and no longer want to eat.  The second is that they are just playing with their food.  The fastest way to tell the difference is to take away their food but keep it where they can see it and watch what their reaction is.  If they are still hungry they will show they want the food back. 

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  1. Know that every child is different

Find what works best with your child because every child is different.  This is a great time to get to know your child and enjoy their learning experiences.  So while reading up on various tips are a great start you need to also realise that not every tip will work with your child, the key is finding which ones do and being consistent with those methods.

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