5 daily uses for Coconut Oil

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We are all hearing about the benefits of coconut oil for our skin, hair and bodies in general, but how does one go about actually incorporating the use of Coconut oil in their everyday lives?  Here are 5 daily uses for Coconut oil.

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I was born with a head full of thick, curly hair.  Growing up I used many different products to tame my fro from hair gel and hair mousse to leaving hair conditioner in my hair.  All these products ensured that I was left with beautiful curls, but left my hair dry and brittle with a scalp full of dandruff.  While living in Samoa I was told of a tradition where each day women would comb coconut oil through their hair and they were left with beautiful, healthy hair that flowed down their backs.  I didn’t try it because I didn’t like the smell of the plain coconut oil.  When my dandruff got worse I knew I had to try something and that is when I discovered the scented coconut oils from Mailelani.  It had all the benefits of coconut oil with a range of scents that I really liked.  Today my hair feels healthier and my dandruff has decreased which is amazing!

Frangipani Coconut Oil


I am the opposite of mosquito repellent.  It is almost as if mosquitoes are drawn to me.  I have had a case of dengue fever and caught Chickungunya twice.  I remember visiting Samoa as a child and my mother would encase me in coconut oil after my shower to ensure that my mosquito bites healed and to prevent me from getting more bites.  To this day I have only one mosquito related scar on my leg and that was from when I was older and smarter (fia poto) and didn’t listen to my mum’s advice.  I now use coconut oil on particularly rough skin and my skin continues to be soft and mosquito bite free.

Fuatino's Raw Virgin Coconut Oil


Samoans have always cooked with Coconut cream, which has Coconut oil inside it.  Today technology has allowed us to harness the goodness of Coconut oil without the strong Coconut taste and smell which can put some people off. My favourite Coconut oil to use when cooking is Fuatino’s Raw Virgin Coconut OIl.  It is raw organic and is 100% natural, made manually with love.  Cooking with Coconut oil could be as simple as adding a teaspoon to your daily smoothie, when frying your morning eggs, in your next batch of delicious chocolate brownies.  Cooking with Coconut oil is simple and a better oil option for coking than other types of oil.

Coconut Oil


As I mentioned earlier my mother lathered Coconut oil on me as a child to keep my skin soft and free from mosquito bite scars.  The benefits for babies can also be seen.  While babies already have naturally soft skin, then are often prone to nappy rash.  By using Coconut oil as a diaper cream nappy rash can be reduced.  The cradle cap on a baby’s head can also be removed by massaging Coconut oil on the scalp a few minutes each day before rinsing.  If breastfeeding you could also rub coconut oil on your nipples to prevent irritation and is also healthy and natural for your baby.

Frangipani and Lau ti Soap


You can’t actually use Coconut oil as soap by itself.  However, you can use it in a homemade soap.  There are many recipes out there for you to make your own soap.  If you are not crafty or would prefer the convenience of an already made soap Mailelani sell a variety of handmade soaps with organic Coconut oil which just happen to be in our store!

There are so many other uses of Coconut oil.  We found this blog to be extremely helpful in giving us more ideas on its uses so check it out if you would like more ideas.

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