5 Different Looks, 1 Beautiful Dress

Today we are going to start off with a gorgeous Mahealani pink two piece dress. Then we are going to add our own touches to make it into 5 different looks that will allow you to wear this outfit to various events.

Two Piece Dress 

1. Two Piece Dress and Tan Heels

By adding a simple pair of tan heels you make this dress be the focus point of your outfit.  This is perfect for birthday parties or on a first date.


Denim Jacket

2. Denim Jacket and Tan Sandals

By adding a denim jacket and some tan sandals you make the dress become more casual.  This is a wonderful look for if you were to meet your mates for a cup of coffee or to head on down to the shops for some retail therapy.


Trench Coat


3. Trench Coat and Black Stockings

For the cooler months you can still wear your beautiful two piece dress.  By adding a classic trench coat to your outfit you are able to make what is usually a summer dress into one you can wear in the cooler months.  This is also perfect for wearing to work.

Leather Jacket

4. Leather Jacket and Black Sandals

This dress is perfect to wear to a concert when you pair it with a leather jacket and black sandals.  This could also be worn to university when you know you will be heading out after school.

Tailored Blazer


5. Tailored Blazer and Black Capris

A two piece dress is perfect because it means that you can wear them separately as well!  Pairing the top of our dress with a tailored blazer and pair of capris make them a perfect outfit to wear to work as well as out to dinner.  The heels make the ensemble more classy, but if you are looking for a more casual look you could pair them with ballet shoes.



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