5 Reasons Samoa is Awesome

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Have you heard of Samoa? If not, you are completely missing out! I am a little biased as Samoa is the home of my forefathers, but I am positive that you will agree after reading this blog. Here are 5 reasons why Samoa is  AWESOME!



1. No Cars

There is a small island in Samoa where you will find no cars! It is on the island of Manono. You would think that with no cars there would be no people on the island, you would be wrong. The island of Manono may have no cars but there are people living all around. You will need to take a boat from the island of Upolu. Then be prepared to walk. There are a few hotels on the island which means you can take your time getting around. Having no cars on Manono is why Samoa is awesome.



2. Fa'asamoa

The Fa'asamoa is the Samoan way of life, it's culture. It is a complex yet beautiful culture that has been around for more than 3000 years. It encompasses respect, structure and celebrates values. Another way that Samoa is awesome.



3. Umu

Another reason Samoa is awesome is the umu. An umu is a traditional way to cook food. You pile rocks over a bunch of wood and burn the wood until the stones are red hot. Food wrapped in leaves and foil is then placed on top of the hot stones. Some of the hot stones are also placed around the food. The food is covered with banana leaves to trap the hot air inside, making it a type of oven. When the food is ready it has a delicious smokey flavour to it.



4. Aiga

Aiga means family. The family is paramount in Samoa. Even if you are not related by blood you can often find yourself feeling like a part of a family. Staff at hotels will treat you like family. If you are a distant relative you are still family. A family is what makes Samoa awesome.


Sliding Rocks

5. Sliding Rocks

Who needs a water slide when you have Papaseea sliding rocks. It is a set of natural waterfalls that are perfect for you to slid down. There are the two main ones, that are for those who love a challenge. There are also smaller ones a little further down. If you are not keen on sliding, you can always just take a swim in the clean fresh water.

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