5 Second Hand IG Stores We Love

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So I have become a bit of a hoarder of all things.  It got so crazy, I used to have a room dedicated to just my clothes.  Since moving back to Australia I had to cull everything and pretty much fit all my belongings into a single suitcase.


After settling in, I have found that my clothes are beginning to take over my life…again.  This time I am combating my hoarding by purchasing clothes second hand in the hopes that if I can’t get exactly what I want when I want it then I will give up.

Then I discovered second-hand stores on Instagram.  It is so dangerous for my wallet, but a little less hurtful to the environment.

Here are 5 second-hand Instagram stores that we love.

  1. @the_prelovedmilla

Not only does she have women’s clothing and accessories, but she also sells boys clothing.  The store is based in Melbourne but ships worldwide.

The Preloved Milla

  1. @polycurves

Specialising in clothing in sizes 12-28 Poly Curves has a wide range of new and used clothing for women.  They are based in Samoa.

 Poly Curves

  1. @babygvintage

Baby girl vintage sells vintage and repurposed clothing.  They are so talented and are also on Etsy.  Based in Queensland Australia and they also ship.

 Baby Girl Vintage

  1. @_littletreasures

Little Treasures are a plus size store.  They often hold live auctions which are really cool to watch.  They are based in New Zealand and ship.

 Little Treasures

  1. @thriftingwithpepe

Thrifting with Pepe is a new store that is based in Samoa.  They take old thrift clothing and repurpose them into fantastic new creations.  Check them out!

 Thrifting With Pepe

We love learning about new stores so if you know of any please let us know in the comments.

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