5 Successful Samoan-owned businesses based in Australia

It is no surprise that our Samoan People have some of the most creative minds. As Samoans living in the diaspora, it can be challenging to access products or services that remind us of home and allow us to express our poly pride of being from the 685. Join us as we spotlight 5 remarkable enterprises, each a testament to the creativity, ingenuity and resilience of Samoan entrepreneurship in Australia.

House of Aulelei

House of Aulelei, a rising star in the realm of Samoan fashion, has swiftly captured the attention of style enthusiasts with its contemporary designs and inventive incorporation of traditional Samoan patterns. Despite its recent inception, this Samoan-owned fashion house is already making waves within the industry, establishing itself as a household name among Pacific fashion enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Samoan culture and many other Pacific islands, House of Aulelei seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with timeless traditions, resulting in strikingly and innovatively pieces. With each collection, they breathe new life into classic Samoan motifs, infusing them with a fresh and vibrant energy that resonates with a diverse audience.

As House of Aulelei continues to carve its mark in the fashion landscape, it remains committed to celebrating and elevating Samoan heritage through its bold and captivating creations.

With their dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the boundaries of Samoan fashion, House of Aulelei is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global fashion scene. 

Lupe Skincare

Lupe Skincare is more than just a beauty brand; it's a celebration of tradition, heritage, and holistic well-being. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Samoan culture, their products blend ancient healing wisdom with modern scientific discoveries to nurture health, strength, and beauty from the inside out.

Drawing inspiration from the touch, aromas, and flavours of the Pacific, each product is a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. They honour their Samoan heritage by incorporating time-honoured herbal remedies into every formulation, ensuring that their customers experience the transformative power of nature's bounty.

At Lupe Skincare, they are passionate about sustainability and environmental stewardship. Their commitment to nature-based, ethical skincare extends beyond mere products; is a reflection of their values and a pledge to tread lightly on the Earth. 

Penina’s Island Boutique

Penina Island Boutique, situated in Brisbane, Australia, is the embodiment of our family's deep connection to the Pacific islands. Originating from Samoa and Tuvalu, our parents, Kaseina and Barry, along with myself, Tara, my husband Jack, and my brother Ben, have united to create a haven where our longing for home meets the bustling energy of our adopted city.

Driven by the desire to fill the void left by the absence of Pacific island essentials in Australia, we envisioned Penina Island Boutique as a sanctuary where islanders from all corners of the Pacific—Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and beyond—could find a piece of home. Our brand mission is simple: to bring a taste of the Pasefika to every individual, regardless of their island background or cultural heritage.

With each carefully curated item, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey through the sights, sounds, and flavours of the Pacific. From traditional crafts to culinary delights, Penina Island Boutique is a celebration of diversity, unity, and the enduring spirit of the islands.

Join us in experiencing the warmth, vibrancy, and inclusivity of the Pacific at Penina Island Boutique—a place where every visitor is welcomed with open arms and embraced as part of our extended family.

Measina Treasures of Samoa

Measina Treasures of Samoa are a Samoan aiga owned business. Their mission is to share the treasures of Samoa with the world. 

Measina is the Samoan word for treasures of Samoa. While it is usually linked to the culture and language of Samoa, we believe that the word itself incorporates all the treasures that Samoa has to offer: it's language, it's culture, it's land, it's people and their products. Measina Treasures of Samoa amplify Samoan culture through our online store, workshops and online courses.


Ula & Her Brothers

Meet Noelle, the visionary Sāmoan artist who breathes life into Ula&HerBrothers. As she reflects on the journey that brought her here, her story unfolds like the intricate patterns of her linocut prints.

Hailing from Aukilani, Noelle now calls Sydney home, where she has flourished not only as a painter but as a master printmaker for the past five years. However, her artistic evolution isn’t just about the medium – it’s deeply intertwined with her identity as a mother and a woman of Pasifika descent.

When it came time to christen her business, Noelle sought a name that resonated with her essence. And what could be more fitting than Ula&HerBrothers? It’s a nod to her cherished daughter, Ula, and her four adoring brothers, a testament to her role as a mama above all else.

The seeds of Ula&HerBrothers were sown from a simple frustration – the inability to find greeting cards that truly spoke to her soul. Noelle had always crafted her own cards for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions, so she dared to ask herself, “Why not share this with the world?” And share she did, to the delight of many who quickly embraced her unique creations.

From linocut prints to handbound books, wooden jewellery, and textiles, Noelle’s repertoire knows no bounds. Each piece is a labour of love, meticulously carved onto linoleum and carving blocks before being handprinted with care. It’s a process that leaves her hands perpetually stained with ink, a mark of dedication to her craft.

Yet, despite her undeniable talent, Noelle admits that embracing the title of “artist” didn’t come easily. It felt foreign, almost surreal, to acknowledge her own brilliance. But with time and reflection, she has come to accept and embrace it, recognizing that her art is not just a reflection of her talent but also a celebration of her cultural heritage.

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