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The award-winning Web series Baby Mama’s Club recently released the second instalment of their series, the prequel. I was completely in love with the Baby Mama’s Club since the first season.  I was a single mother for so long and I connected to the stories of the characters, so I had huge expectations of the second part. I was looking forward to being entertained by issues faced by single mothers but instead, I was kept laughing by so many other topics.

My top 3 loves of Baby Mama’s Club the prequel are:

  1. Hold Men Accountable

Usually, you will see that men say and do things that are not acceptable behaviour and then it ends, you hear nothing more. I loved that the men in this season get called out for their bad behaviour and actually learn a lesson.

  1. Single Mother’s Dating

Having gone through dating as a single mother I loved how they honestly depicted what it is like to date as a single mother.  The different aspects, not just the lousy dates but the behind-the-scenes of dealing with children before you can actually go on a date. Being judged for being a single mother who dates.

  1. Freaking Hilarious

If there is something that Pacific Islanders love more than food it is laughing.  If you are looking for a rolling on the floor laughing good time then you will need to watch this series.  I want to remind you that this is an adult series with adult themes and is not appropriate for young children. If you are an adult who acts like a child then you’re ok.

Baby Mama’s Club is a free web series that you can watch now!  Just click here.

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