Meet the Makers: Part 5

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Our fifth installment of our Meet the Makers series will be talking about the creators of our clothing and snap back caps, Tanoa Samoa.

Tanoa Samoa Logo

The tanoa is the traditional Samoan bowl that the ‘ava is prepared in. It is different to the bowls you will find around the Pacific as they have many legs around the bowl.  The tanoa is culturally significant in Samoa as it is used during the customary ‘ava ceremony.  It is no wonder that the tanoa is used as the name and logo of Tanoa Samoa, who are fast becoming a significant player in the retail scene of Samoa.

Michael Jones

Tanoa Samoa opened their doors in American Samoa in 2009 and was so successful they expanded to Apia, Samoa.

Toa Samoa

Tanoa Samoa is not only based in Samoa, they hire Samoans in their stores.  The clothing and shoes from Tanoa Samoa are also designed by Samoans.  Tanoa Samoa is currently the proud sponsors of Samoa's national Rugby League team, Toa Samoa.

Tanoa T-shirt and cap

Tanoa Samoa offers a range of clothing and shoes for men, women, and children.  A small range of their clothing can be purchased online from If you’re in Melbourne, head on over to Kiwi Pacific Stores in Jacana (16-18 Emu Parade, Jacana VIC 3047) and Laverton (Shop 6, 110 Fitzgerald Rd, Laverton North) where you can also purchase a small range of Tanoa Samoa clothing.

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  • Brenda Reed on

    Fully support Measina Samoa and Tanoa Samoa. It is very important for our identity as Samoans and Pacific Islanders to have symbols and the words of our languages around us to up keep our self esteem in the mulit-national environments we live in today especially outside of Samoa. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to instill a pride for our culture and context. Malo Morwenna – keep up the good work and “faamuamua le Atua e maua ai le manuia.”

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