SIVA AFI TUTORIAL: 3 Actions all Siva Afi (Fire Knife Dance) Performers should know

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One thing that we try to teach in our Siva Afi Courses and workshops is the Samoan cultural ties.

We feel that colonialism has made us centre much of our lives on English or western ways and language.

When we teach a Samoan martial arts like Siva Afi, we don't want it all to be in English.  We want to share the Samoan language as well as the art of Siva Afi.

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Here are three Siva Afi action moves that all Siva Afi performers should know:

1. Vili - spin

2. Togi - throw

3. Sapo - catch

To see what these actions look like and get a more in depth description watch this video.

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