What Will Samoa Be Like In 100 Years?

What Will Samoa Be Like In 100 Years?

In 1918 Samoa was under the administration of the New Zealand Government. That year an island trader, the Talune, arrived in Samoa carrying passengers with a very infectious strain of influenza. These passengers infected many Samoans which resulted in 8500 deaths, 22% of the population at the time.

Today, 100 years on, Samoa is an Independent Country. We have more than quadrupled in population. We have access to landlines, internet, mobile phones, atms, internet banking, visa debit cards, private and public education as well as hospitals. We have come so far in the last century.

As we near to another new year I ask the question of what Samoa will be like in another 100 years. Will Samoa have same sex marriage? Will Samoa have a new Prime Minister? Will it be cheaper to ship things to and from Samoa? Will we need to ship or will there be teleportation?

Here is my list of things I hope to see in Samoa over the next 100 years:

  • Decrease in non communicable diseases
  • A female Prime Minister
  • Increase in living standards
  • A recycling plant in Samoa
  • More solar power plants
  • Better use of water resources
  • Maintain the ecosystem
  • Better education
  • Less domestic violence
  • More opportunities for artists and writers
  • Cheaper internet
  • Less corruption
  • Samoans doing more research on Samoa
  • Keeping Samoan Traditions alive

What would you add to this list of what you hope to see in Samoa in 100 years?

If you want to know more about what Samoa is like today read 5 Things to Do in Samoa.

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  • Faye James

    Upgrading the markets, and disallowing children to sell stuff in and around Apia.

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