Why Upcycle?

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We love life.  We love the beauty that is around us, but we know that if we don’t make changes the world we love will not be the same.  Measina believes that by working together we can make changes in the world.


According to Greenpeace, Australians produce close to 1.5 tonnes of rubbish each year.  That’s like the size of a Hippopotamus!  With more than 23 million people in Australia it is like adding 23 million hippos to the population of Australia.  Clean Up Australia have said that the amount of waste Australians produce each year could cover the whole state of Victoria!  That is a lot of waste.

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Many of us separate our green waste, recyclables and normal rubbish so that the effects of our wastage can be lessened.  Another way that we can aide in reducing the amount of waste we all produce is to upcycle.


What is upcycling? HipCycle has defined upcycling as “the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.”  Recycling requires the processing of materials, often breaking down the original structure, to produce something new.  They are both great and we should support both recycling and upcycling.

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Measina are working with new creators to bring our customers a range of upcycled products that are beautiful, useful and are helping to reduce waste in the world.  To keep up to date on the launch of more upcycled products in our store click here to join our mailing list, and receive a free copy of Faitau 1-10.

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