5 Reasons to Buy Get Ya Yum On Bread Mixes

Get Ya Yum On make grain free bread mixes.  They are not like any other grain free bread mix company though.  We love them and we are sure that you will love them too.  So here are our 5 reasons to buy Get Ya Yum On bread mixes:

1. They donate 50% of profits to SVSG

The Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) is an independent organisation the house, teach and care for children who have been victims of abuse.  Get Ya Yum On see the wonderful work that the SVSG are doing and have decided that 50% of all the profits from the bread mixes go towards sponsoring these children.  They hope to change the lives of these children by providing them with freedom, hope and a future.

SVSG Melbourne Chapter

2. They are healthy

Get Ya Yum On bread mixes are all natural.  The bread mixes contain no preservatives. All natural sugars are used in this product to give it the delicious taste.  The bread mixes are grain free and are also gluten free.  The recipe can be changed to be dairy friendly, vegan and even suits the paleo diet. 

Lina and Jo3. They are easy to make

Who has time to make bread that requires you to wait around while the dough rises?  I know I don’t.  Yet the aroma of fresh bread coming out of the oven makes me crave for homemade bread.  Get Ya Yum On bread mixes are the easiest bread that I have ever made.  You add four other ingredients to the mix and you are ready to bake.  It is that simple!

4. They taste amazing

I can’t pick out a specific flavour of Get Ya Yum On bread mixes that is my favourite because they are all so delicious.  With four different flavours you are sure to never be bored with your bread selection.  There is the fruity Raisin Cinnamon Spice which is delicious covered in chocolate hazelnut spread while it is still warm.  There is the Pesto Herb and Garlic which is unbelievable as a side to any pasta.  I love to eat the Chia Linseed Bread with bacon jam at breakfast and the Tandoori Spice will ensure your life is never dull.


5. They are Part Samoan, Kiwi and Aussie

Made in Australia.  Designed by Kiwis. For the love of Samoa. 

Get Ya Yum On bread mixes are made in Australia but the mixes themselves are designed by Kiwis.  The creators are Jo Linney, Jeremy Faumuina and Shelley Gibb-Faumuina.  The creators have set up this business with the sole purpose of helping Samoans by supporting the work of SVSG.  Yet their work reaches out to Australians by sourcing Australian ingredients for the bread mixes.  Get Ya Yum On could have picked any organisation to assist them with their packing of their product, but have made a conscious decision to use the not for profit Brite Industries.  What is so different about Brite Industries?  Brite Industries train and employ people with a disability and also those who are finding it difficult to find a job. 

Buy your Get Ya Yum On bread mix here.

Get Ya Yum On available at Measina Samoa

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