5 Ways to Wear a Snapback Cap

I have always felt a little shy wearing a snapback cap because I could never figure out how to do my hair.  I mean you can wear a cap with many different outfits, but the ponytail cap look isn't the only look that you can pull off.  Here are 5 ways to wear a snapback cap for people with long/medium length hair.

White Snapback cap

1. Wear Your Hair Out

The first on our list of 5 ways to wear a snapback cap is to wear your hair out.  This is a cute style because it allows you to show your hair off so you can add waves to your hair for the messy look or if you are lucky enough to have natural curls you can show off your curls.


Black grey snapback cap

2. Ponytail

The ponytail is great for if you don't want hair in your face and if it is warm.  The thing about the ponytail is you can wear it low to get a more sophisticated look or your can wear it high to get a sport look!  So that is why the ponytail is our number two pick for 5 Ways to wear a snapback cap!


Blue Classic TS Snap Back Cap

3. Double Buns

Wearing double buns is our 3rd suggestion on our list of 5 ways to wear a snapback cap. Trust me you will not feel like Princess Leia!  Double buns adds a feminine touch to the usual masculine cap.  The thing is you can also use two side plaits to have the same effect.


Red Black Mesh Snap back Cap

4. Messy Bun

Fourth on our list of 5 ways to wear a snapback cap is the messy bun.  If you are having a really bad hair day you can put it all back into a messy bun.  This will allow you to hide the bits of hair you don't want people to see while allowing you to stay looking relaxed.  Simply put your hair in a ponytail and instead of leaving it out you pull it through half way then secure the bun in place with bobby pins to keep the bun shape. Pull out some strands of hair from the front and that is it!


Blue Classic Tanoa Snapback Cap

5. Side Sweep

Last on our list of 5 ways to wear a Snapback Cap is the side sweep.  This style is easily achieved by pulling your hair behind the cap to one side.  You can tuck it into the back of the cap to keep it in place or by using bobby pins.

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