Why Buy Samoan?

Matareva Beach

Samoa is located in the heart of the Pacific half way between New Zealand and Hawaii.  Samoa boasts postcard beauty and is blessed with rain forests, rugged volcanic mountains, lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls and white sandy beaches.  With all the beauties of the islands, one of the most treasured is the people.

Toa Samoa Players with Mr Lavalava

Samoans are known to be friendly, gifted rugby players and athletes, actors, comedians and all around amazing people.  What is not always acknowledged is the resilience and the creativity that Samoans hold as an indelible part of their being.

So, if you’re one of those customers walking past a Measina stall at a market or browsing the Measina online store and you are wondering “Why Buy Samoan?” here are some of the reasons.

Measina Products

It’s good for you, your family and friends

Samoa has the highest number of ISO Certified Companies per capita in the region.  This means that you are sure to get quality goods that meet international standards.

Samoa is a small island where organic products abound which mean you can get peace of mind that you are consuming chemical free produce and other food products.  Many of the chips and flours are also gluten free so they can cater for specialty dietary requirements.

Painting Siapo

It’s good for Samoa

Measina is a Social Enterprise.  This means that we are a business and we do have a strategy in place for the business to grow.  The difference being that we use the growth so that we can help more Samoan businesses around the world to grow and to prosper, rather than trying to find wealth for a board or share holders.

The Asian Development Bank have reported that "in Samoa, 29.4% of the population aged 15 years and above is employed and that 26.9% of the population lives below the national poverty line."  By buying Samoan products you will be increasing the employment and economy of Samoa which directly helps people to get jobs and to live a decent life above the poverty line.

As a social enterprise we also want to increase awareness of Samoa and Samoan culture not just to people who are not of Samoan heritage, but to the Samoans living overseas so that there is a deeper connection to their cultural heritage.


It’s good for Samoans

There are more Samoans living outside of Samoa than there are on the islands of Samoa.  Measina is not just about supporting manufacturers in Samoa, although it is our main objective, but we also support Samoan business owners all over the world.  Buying Samoan means you are getting excellent quality products while helping others.  These are all reasons why you should buy Samoan!

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