Valentine's Day, Shmelentines Day?

I was brought up when Valentine's Day was already commercially driven.  Where the single people of today were made to feel like rejects because they were not in relationships.  When men and women around the world took to the shopping centres to purchase gifts because the television commercials and newspapers said they should.

There are many legends that told of how Valentine's Day came to be.  One of the major ones telling the story of St Valentine of Rome.  He was persecuted for performing the marriage of those who were forbidden to marry.  This led to him being sentenced to death. The legend goes on to say that before his execution Valentine wrote a letter which he ended with "Your Valentine".

Valentine was an advocate for love.  He was not an advocate for spending money in stores.  Some people show their love through purchasing things, others by doing things, others by sharing things.  Valentine's Day is a celebration of love.  Love does not necessarily come in the form of a relationship.  Love can be so many different things.  Love can be found in the friendship of your best mate.  Love can be found in the tub of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.  Love can be found in the loyalty of your ride or die bitch Rosie who guards your backyard like the most ferocious dog in the world.

Love is...sharing a cup of koko

Love is anything you want it to be.  Love can be celebrated any day of the year at any time you please.  But how wonderful it is to have a day set aside every year to celebrate all the people, pets, places, and things that you love.

So here at Measina Samoa we would really appreciate hearing what love means to you.  To do this we have set up a competition on our instagram page.  We will be sharing some of our favourite LOVE IS posts.  Details for the competition are as follows:

1. FOLLOW us on instagram @measinasamoa

2. LIKE our competition photo on instagram

3. TAG 3 friends on our competition photo on instagram

4. POST a photo of what LOVE IS to you with #LoveIsMeasina

Competition ends February 14, 2016 and you could win some delicious Samoan goodies.  Show us what love is!

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