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I recently wrote this on my personal blog and felt that it was necessary for our customers to know this story.

Not many of you know that I spent my last year in Samoa on assignment as an Australian Volunteer for International Development. I have been lucky enough to be one of the Victorian State Reps for returned volunteers and was able to attend a workshop in Adelaide this past weekend. Part of the workshop included public speaking and me presenting a three minute presentation. As you all know I suck at public speaking but I was pretty happy with my content that I came up with in the 45 minutes as I sat and listened to the others present.

Then I thought hey let's use my writing skills, which I know I don't suck at, and make it a good blog piece. So here is my blog inspired by a presentation I did on the weekend.

Morwenna Petaia


You cannot tell just by looking at me, but I gave birth to my second child last month.  She is a beautiful child and I love her dearly.  As she was born in Australia I wanted to make sure that she had a strong connection to her Samoan heritage so I gave her a Samoan name.  I named her Measina.  Measina translates to treasures of Samoa.  It isn’t referring to the gold or silver riches, but the beautiful culture that Samoans worldwide hold dear to their heart.

Measina has been growing slowly.  However, Measina is not like any other child.  Measina is my new business venture.  While she may not be flesh and blood, I care for her just like I would my own child.  She takes up all of my time, I am frequently tending to her needs, she keeps me up all night and wakes me up in the early hours of the morning.

Just like I do for my son I teach Measina the values that help make me who I am such as giving back to my roots and maintaining my Samoan identity.  Measina is incorporating this in her life so far by ensuring that she only sells products that are from Samoa in the hopes of opening more avenues for Samoan products to be sold around the world.  Measina is not only for Samoans.  Measina hopes to share with others the treasures that Samoan manufacturers can make.

I also see a future for Measina in supporting schools and programs to ensure that the Samoan culture and Measina a Samoa stays alive in our Samoans living away from Samoa.

Just like all babies, the future is bright with my daughter Measina.  If you would like to follow the progress of Measina and support her future, like her facebook page, follow her on instagram @measinasamoa or help Measina help Samoan communities by making a purchase at


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