Three ways to use a Lavalava

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A lavalava is a piece of cloth used as clothing.  It is also known around the world as a sarong and pareau.  It is worn by both men and women at any time of the day.  It can be worn while taking an outside shower, going for a swim in the ocean, as pyjamas and even as an evening gown to a fancy party.

While the most common use of a lavalava is as a piece of clothing there are other ways that you can use your lavalava.  Here are thee ways to use a lavalava.

Lavalava Throw Blanket

1. Lavalava Throw Blanket

Most lavalavas come in bright and beautiful designs that will add a touch of colour to any home.  It can be thrown over a chair or even added to a bed spread to make the room pop.  Either way a lavalava as a throw blanket will make any home feel like they are in the islands, even if the temperature is below 0.


 Lavalava Baby Sling

2. Lavalava Baby Sling

The gorgeous elei designs and bright colours of a lavalava will ensure that you and your baby live the island life with this baby sling.  With the addition of some sling rings you can easily turn a lavalava into a baby sling.  No need for those expensive baby carriers when you can use the affordable lavalava that can easily be stored in a nappy bag.  

If you have more than one lavalava you can also use them as a rug for the floor should you need to put baby down, a change mat if you are out and about and a change room is not close by.  A lavalava can also be used a a baby blanket and even a instead of a muslin wrap.  Any way you choose to use it a lavalava should be an essential in any parents life!


3. Lavalava Table Cloth

A lavalava is usually long enough to be used as a tablecloth.  It is a beautiful compliment to a delicious meal or an enjoyable distraction from the food if cooking is not your strong point.  Either way a lavalava table cloth is a great conversation starter and will ensure that your evening is bright and colourful. The added benefit of a lavalava tablecloth is that they are completely affordable, they come in a wide range of colours and designs which mean you can choose a lavalava that will enhance the beauty of your food that you have prepared and not have to spend hundreds of dollars doing so.

That is the end of our three ways to use a lavalava.  We would love to hear how you have used a lavalava in your life.

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