Ailao Competition

ailao ailao competition Fire Knife Dance Siva Afi

We are holding our first ever ailao competition.  We chose ailao as there is NO FIRE, so beginners are able to build their confidence and creativity.

Samoan warriors performed the ailao after battle to show their community how they won over their opponents.  The spectacular movements and exciting throwing of war clubs are what we see today in Siva Afi performances.  The difference is the addition of fire and when it is performed.

Here are the details of our Ailao competition:

1. Complete the routine - watch the video for the short routine to be completed by all entrants

2. Add 15 seconds of freestyle - use any moves you know for 15 seconds

3. Email to before December 15th, 2020

We have 3 special judges for our Ailao Competition: Viavia Tiumalu Jnr, Sopi Jensen and Logan Tapuala.  They will be judging on your knowledge of the routine, stick movements and entertainment.

Entries are open WORLDWIDE for ALL AGES



1st $100 Measina Voucher

2nd $50 Measina Voucher

3rd $30 Measina Voucher

Measina vouchers can be used for anything at

All entries will be used by Measina for marketing purposes.


Good Luck to you all and we can't wait to see your entries!


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