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Have you been feeling like the warrior inside has been suppressed by lack of connection to your ancestors? Then this workshop is for you. Connect to tradition and connect to power!

This two hour workshop will teach you the ancient ways of Samoan warriors. When Samoan warriors returned from war they told of their battles through ailao, the spinning and entertaining throwing and catching of Samoan war clubs. This art form has evolved over time to Siva Afi. We continue to see the ailao performed by Taupou and Manaia using the nifo oti.

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The workshop will use only practice sticks. BONUS if you are one of the first 12 from the Melbourne Western Suburbs to register then you get a FREE PRACTICE STICK.

Siva Afi Workshop

The workshop is open to all genders and ethnicity aged between 12 and 25. It is also open worldwide (but only those in Western Melbourne are eligible for the FREE PRACTICE STICK).

Our instructor is Logan Tapuala.  Logan is a Siva Afi Performer who has taught students in Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand and Hawaii and performed in front of thousands. Check his moves out in the video below.

Click here to register for the workshop today.

This program is supported through the Village Response Plan funded by the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention Program.

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