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Are you working from home and have children that need homeschooling or who can’t go to the babysitter (thank you COVID-19)?  Do you ever just need a solid 2 hours to knock work out in peace a quiet?  Do you feel guilty that one of the only ways to do this is to give your child screen time?  There is no need to feel guilty anymore.  Did you know that there are online platforms that can teach your children Samoan? So yes, they are using screens, but they are also learning valuable lessons about their Samoan language and culture.  Here are some ways that you can get some peace and quiet and not get screen time guilt.

  1. Measina YouTube Channel

Measina Treasures of Samoa have a YouTube Channel that features videos about Samoan food, culture, language, Siva Afi (fire knife dance) and dance.  The videos are relevant and suitable for all ages.  Check out our Hacks for teaching Samoan video.

  1. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects is a website that offers games to learn languages.  There are many different Pacific languages, including Samoan.  They are great for all ages and can be easily used on iPads and tablets.  Check out our review of Digital Dialects.

  1. Tamaiti Season 1 Program

Tamaiti Season 1 Program is a unique video program that lets your child be entertained by different videos as well as learning Samoan language and culture.  The Tamaiti Program teaches Samoan language through various activities such as yoga, arts and crafts, dancing, music, food and so much more. There are over 4 hours of video for your child to watch.  So, if you have a little one who has watched the same YouTube video or movie 50 million times then you know you will get good use out of these videos.

Measina Samoan Online Courses

Not only do you get videos teaching Samoan language there is a a set of six workbooks full of worksheets to reinforce learning from the videos.

Click here to subscribe to Tamaiti today

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