Australian Survivor: Sharing the Treasures of Samoa

Earlier this week I saw a video on Facebook showing Samoan dancers at Flinders Street Station performing traditional Samoan dances for commuters. I was proud to see the performance and was happy that to learn that it was a promotion for the upcoming series of Australian Survivor.

Australian Survivor

I was able to watch the replay of Australian Survivor this week. It didn’t differ much from the American version. There were still strategies, alliances, deception and intrigue. What I loved the most about Australian Survivor was the fact that this season is filmed in the breathtakingly beautiful islands of Samoa; a place that I call home.

Vavau Beach

Samoa is the home of my ancestors; it is also the place that I called home for close to ten years. Growing up in Australia, it was rare to hear any news of Samoa on Australian media. So it was extra special to see Samoa in all its glory on prime time Australian television.


Seeing the lush tropical forests brought back memories of driving around the island on the weekend. Watching the contestants get washed out by huge waves at the same beach that my friends and I were washed out brought a smile to my face.  While we may not see much of the amazing people of Samoa we are able to see the beauty of the islands of Samoa.


So other than trying to make you feel homesick, what other reason is there to be talking about Australian Survivor with you all? Because by supporting and watching Australian Survivor we are supporting and encouraging another income avenue for Samoa other than through tourism: film making. Samoa has been the host for four seasons of Survivor and now Australian Survivor. There is a possibility that with the success of these shows other filmmakers will view Samoa as a film making destination.


Measina are all about sharing the treasures of Samoa with the world and ensuring that Samoan entrepreneurs all over the world have a place to share their treasures with the world. It brings us so much joy to see others also sharing the treasures of Samoa with the world.

So make sure you get behind a team, be it Vavau, Saanapu or Aganoa and see if you can pick out the contestant who will outwit, outplay and outlast the others.


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