Tamaiti is launching on July 24th

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A few weeks ago we announced that we would be ceasing all our Measina Playgroups.  We also announced our new early childhood program, Tamaiti, to help children stay connected to their Samoan roots.

Tamaiti is an online video subscription.  What does that even mean? Tamaiti is a collection of videos.  Viewers can access these videos through a monthly subscription.  You know how each month you pay to access services like Netflix, Stan, Hulu, and Foxtel, this is how you would access the Tamaiti videos.  Each month we add new videos for you to watch and rewatch.  In the coming weeks, we will be letting you know how to access the Tamaiti program for FREE!

Tamaiti is not just videos.  We all learn differently.  For this reason, we know it is important for our children to continue learning outside of viewing the Tamaiti videos. We also include an ebook of worksheets that match the video theme for the month.  This means that Tamaiti is also taking children away from the screen to make, learn and sing in Samoan.

 Tamaiti Worksheet 

Tamaiti is made in English and Samoan.  We know that many of our viewers will be parents who do not know Samoan.  For this reason, we wanted to make sure that parents and children could understand parts of it and learn the Samoan parts.

If you are wondering what to expect from the Tamaiti videos we have collated a few aspects from the videos in July and are giving you a sneak peek.  We are so excited to have teamed together with the talented artist I P U T I.  I P U T I is Irihipeti Waretini and Fipe Preuss.  I P U T I sing our theme song Manuia.  Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for a look at our opening credits next week. Check out the Tamaiti sneak peek below.

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