5 Podcasts that Feature Samoans

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Blogging is where people started to share their thoughts, ideas and information out to the world.  YouTube has taken off and made video a huge marketing tool for anyone wanting to get a message out to the people. The Podcast now makes it easier for the world to hear messages while doing other things.  You can’t really watch a YouTube video while driving a car, but you can listen to a Podcast while driving a car.  A podcast can be listened to on the train, while running around the park, to drown out screaming children and even to escape a lecture from your mother.

Today we share with you 5 podcasts that feature Samoans.  They may not necessarily talk about Samoan things, but we support our Samoan businesses and our Samoan people in whatever they do, unless of course it is illegal.  So here are 5 Podcasts that feature Samoans talking about what they love and what brings them joy.


Pacific Business Podcast

Rubay Fanaika Fa’agau is an author and business owner talking to other business owners about Pasifika issues, business and economic development.  A wonderful way for Pacific businesses to share their experiences as business owners. 


Flick the Switch with Kailah and Lia

Kailah and Lia help women have more light bulb moments and encourage flicking the switch on what they think.  Their aim is to empower women to do whatever it is that they want and choose to do in life.


Growin’ Samoan

Finances are something that we don’t really talk about as Samoan people, unless we need money for a fa’alavelave.  Unless we can speak about money and how it works and how we can use it to our advantage, we will never be able to move forward and build lives that are beyond the week to week paycheck.   This podcast shares their knowledge about finances and takes you on his journey with money and living life.

Measina Samoan Online Courses


Queer Coco

I don’t know about you, but my knowledge of what it is to be a Samoan LGBTQI person is very limited.  This is not because I don’t want to learn, but because we don’t always have opportunities to hear their stories and learn from their experiences.  This is why this Podcast is especially important.  A Samoan perspective on being queer is not something you will come across on a daily.  I especially loved the episode about creating safe spaces, as a parent and a teacher knowing how I can help make safe spaces for our youth and people is imperative.


Fireknife Life

If Fire Knife is your life then this is the podcast for you! Rex Tiumalu takes us on a journey of speaking to Pacific performers.  This allows the stories of siva afi dancers and performers to be kept alive for generations to come.

Comment below and tell us which Samoan podcasts we should be listening to.

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