5 of our Favourite Samoan YouTuber Families of 2020

Samoan Families samoan YouTubers

YouTube is an amazing place full of amazing people doing amazing things.  This week we are showcasing 5 Samoan families who are killing it on YouTube.  Here are 5 of our Favourite Samoan YouTuber Families of 2020.



  1. Jamily TV

The Merrick Family moved from Texas to Samoa in 2018.  Alisha and Joe share the ups, downs, fun and sadness their family experience while in Samoa.  Their children range in age from 2 years to 16 years.  They attend school, work in the community, try to do all the things they can and share them with the world.  I especially love the fact that I can see what is happening in Samoa now through their Instagram account.


  1. Faaosofia Sisters

The Faaosofia sisters are based in Melbourne Australia.  They share their love of Siva Samoa, singing, food, beauty, church life and family. The 5 sisters are funny and their challenges will have you laughing so hard.


  1. The Vee Family

The Vee Family take us around the world and Victoria to share their lives and food.  Do you know how you can tell when some family vlogs are set up and border on fake?  Well, that is not the Vee Family.  Their vlogs are authentic and feature all their funny antics as well as their funny jokes.


  1. The Setus

The Setus are a family of four based in Brisbane Australia.  Their family blog includes food as well as video games.  So if your children watch a lot of FGTEEVEE you may want to get them on to the Setus and support our Samoan vloggers.


  1. Tinania Family

The Tinania Family made a move from Sydney to Perth.  They own a hairdressing salon.  Their vlogs around the world and their Mukbangs are funny.  The Tinania’s are a very talented family.



A family that is up and coming that we are beginning to love are the Tauafao family.  They are a Tongan Samoan household, so you know it is full of all the island good stuff.  Their family vlog also includes challenges, reactions and home décor DIY.



Did you know that Measina Treasures of Samoa have a YouTube Channel?  We do and we upload a video weekly.  We share videos featuring Samoan language, culture and some really cool Siva Afi tutorials, tips and interviews.  Please support us and help us get to our goal of 1000 subscribers in 2020.

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