Why Digital is the Future

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If we have learned anything from COVID-19 it is that we can do almost anything online.  We can shop online, we can have business meetings online, we can watch movies online, we can read online, we can go to school online and we can work online.

For some time I have thought that going digital is the future.  This is partly why we started our online store.  We knew that with the increase of access to smartphones and devices more people would be able to purchase online.

This was definitely tested during COVID-19.  USA Today reported that online sales of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, soap, board games, puzzles, yeast, and fitness equipment have all been some of the items that have sold out.

We use different printers in the USA and Australia for our products and all have reported that sales during this time have surpassed the sales they see over Christmas and Black Friday.  So here are our reasons why we feel that digital is the future.

Maka the impossible

  1. Convenience

This past 3 months I have gone shopping in my Pyjamas and bought groceries.  I have bought a teeth whitening kit while watching television.  I updated products in my store while a passenger in a car on the way to buy Mc Donalds.  Digital is the future because it allows you the convenience of reading, working, and shopping from pretty much anywhere at any time that is convenient for you.

 2. Easy

When I go to buy groceries at the local shopping centre I have to get dressed, this is a big thing for me because PJs are life!  I have to then get in the car, make sure I have all the shopping bags that I need and drive like 5 minutes to the shops.  Then I have to find a car park, it has to be somewhere far away from other cars because I can’t park and have been blessed with the ability to have the wind blow from anywhere at any time and smash my car door into the car beside me.  Then I have to scramble in the car to find a coin or a token so that I can get a trolley.  Then I have to walk around the shop searching for the things I need and place them into my trolley.  Then I have to unpack all of the shopping from the trolley onto the belt to be scanned.  Then pack them all back into the trolley.  Then move to the side and pack the shopping into bags and put them all back into the trolley.  Pack it all into the car. Then lug them all into the house about an hour later.

When I buy groceries online I am usually in my PJs sitting in bed watching TV.  I unlock my phone screen, open the web browser. Type in the store’s URL. Search for the product I want, add it to my cart and repeat until my list is in the cart.  I enter my payment details and delivery address. Wham bam the groceries are delivered on a specific date and in less than 15 minutes I can go back to watching my television program.  Easy Peasy!

  1. Safe

Making sure that the website you are purchasing from has an up to date SSL Certificate will ensure that your purchase is secure and people won’t be able to access your financial information.

Check that the store you are purchasing from has a returns policy in case you receive the incorrect item or it is faulty.  This gives you the safety of knowing that you are covered if it is faulty.

When you shop online you don’t have to risk being in contact with sick people, crowds, traffic or a runaway trolley.

Tell us in the comments if you agree that digital is the way of the future.

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