We don't all know how to siva Samoa. We don't all have Siva classes in our area.  I know this because i didn't have anything Samoan when I grew up as a child in Australia.

When I had my baby there were no books easily accessible to teach him Samoan. There were no Samoan playgroups, no Samoan videos, no Samoan schools.

While today there are some.  There are not enough for everyone.

This is why we created Tamaiti. A video resource that teaches our preschool aged children Samoan language and culture.

Learn about Samoa from anywhere

It is a series of videos that teach our Samoan for kids. There are songs, arts and crafts, stories and even come with pdf workbooks to further learning outside of the videos.

Here is a snippet that was aimed to teach siva samoa to our preschool aged kids. Simple and easy to follow.

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