Unlock the Language of Respect: 25 Essential Samoan Words

Have you ever found yourself unsure of how to address your teacher, pastor, or someone in a position of leadership? Or perhaps you've struggled to inquire about a loved one's whereabouts or contact information. Fear not! We're here to help. Below, we've curated a list of 25 crucial nouns and vocabulary words designed to equip you with the essentials for communicating respectfully in Samoan with your elders and within your family circle. 

    1. Fa’afeagaiga - church minister 
    2. ali’i/ tama’ita’i Pule - manager/ boss 
    3. Pulea’oga - principal 

 4. Faia’oga - teacher

5. Foma’i - doctor (academic)

6.Taeao - morning/ tomorrow 

7. Aoauli - afternoon

8.Afiafi - evening

9. Pō - night

10.Itūaso - time of the day 


11. Aso - day

12. Alala (alaala) - nofo: stay/ live

13. Pitonu’u - suburb

14. Tuātusi - address 

15. Numera o le fale - home phone

16. Telefoni fe’avea’i - mobile phone

17. Alalafaga - nu’u: village

18. Afioaga - place or residence 

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19. Shop Outdoors & Travel EssentialsOfisa - office 

  1. Fa’alāpotopotoga - Organisation 
  2. Alo - child 
  3. Nofoāalo - children 
  4. Ofisa - office 
  5. Kamupanī - company 
  6. Pisinisi - business

Tell us in the comments what other Samoan words you would like to learn.

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