What does Samoan look like?

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What does Samoan look like?

We often hear of the differences of opinion on what is Samoan and what is not Samoan.  Of course you will see the traditional Samoan cultural aspects and products and yes they are distinctly Samoan. Measina Treasures of Samoa as an entity would like to take this a little further and add that Samoan can be people.  Samoan can be what Samoans make, write, sing, rap, choreograph and design because it is made by a Samoan. May be these points will help you to decipher what does Samoan look like?

Nunoo Multi Use Cover

Samoan looks like the young Samoan mother in New Zealand who saw a gap in the baby sector and invented her own unique multi use cover to fill this gap.


Samoan looks like the free spirited woman who uses her body in motion to share her stories with the world.


Sam Tautua, Enid Westerlund and Tavita Solomona

Samoan look like the pilot turned business owner so that she could help other Samoan women to build their talents and fulfil their dreams.

Polynesian Kids Community Language School

Samoan looks like the school that fights each week to keep the Samoan language alive in children living in Australia.

Upcycled Cushion Covers

Samoan is the woman who takes what is considered old and transforms it into something new.

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