20 Samoan-owned businesses to support Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023 gift guide Samoan Business

Support Samoan owned Businesses this Christmas. Here are 20 Samoan-owned businesses to support Christmas 2023.

This Christmas, why not consider supporting Samoan-owned businesses? By doing so, you are not only buying unique and authentic gifts for your loved ones, but you are also supporting the local Samoan community. Here are 20 Samoan-owned businesses that you can check out this holiday season:

Tawsh Lav - Translations of an island girl’s perspective: Artistic expression with a cultural twist. In her Etsy store Tawsh shares the artistic expression of Pacific island cultures on clothing, accessories, calendars and art.

JT Vinyl Cutting - custom vinyl stickers for all surfaces & personalised apparel.

Mena Design - Polynesian women’s fashion boutique.


    Pele Baby - Pele is made up of baby essentials with a poly theme! From soft quilted velvet of our playmats to our soft minky blankets, Pele is about quality and striking poly designs.
    Macram.eis - Polynesian inspired macrame, mama owned handmade knots.
    Moemiti - at Moemiti we believe in the transformative power of dream and creativity and our heart is to create vintage fashion, infusing vintage island elegance with timeless beauty of the Pacific.
    Fluffy Falas - Our logo is our life. Our daughters sit cross legged on a fala (mat). The fala represents the Samoan and Tongan background woven into and through them. The hibiscus flowers they wear represent the Pacific queens they are named after.
    Lashfix Beauty Bar - Lash extensions and Lash Training.
    Tanya Masaniai Art - Pasifika artist focusing on the sacred space for the Polynesian culture, stories, and history.
    Art by Saumolia - My paintings reflect an evolvement and range of who I am. They are personal, abstract, and passionately tell the story of my triumphs, heartbreaks, and love. The primary foundation of my work is inspired by the patterns and colors found in nature. With all my art, I approach the blank canvas as a method of self-therapy, a very liberating and important process of my work. Art by Saumolia is a freestyle of thoughts, memories, and emotions layered by shapes, colors, and patterns-- all reminiscent of traditional designs and motifs inspired by my Sāmoan heritage.

      Learn Samoan Basics Online

      Measina Treasures of Samoa - Measina is the Samoan word for treasures of Samoa. While it is usually linked to the culture and language of Samoa, we believe that the word itself incorporates all the treasures that Samoa has to offer: it's language, it's culture, it's land, it's people and their products. Measina Treasures of Samoa connects you to Samoan culture through our online store (clothing and gifts), workshops and online courses.
      Living Koko - creates small-batch indulgent yet healthy food, beverage and body care products - all made from ethically sourced organic cacao (koko). We collaborate directly with small-plot farmers in Samoa and other Pacific Islands to use only the richest and purest cacao for our vegan, allergy safe and gluten-free products.
      Masina Creative - Amanda Stowers, the Sāmoan artist behind Masina Creative, based in Eastbourne, Aotearoa. My mahi is made with the intention to build deeper understanding, appreciation and visible representation for my culture. I have always been a creative, with interests in many different mediums from an early age. I work mostly with clay, creating handmade ceramic pieces hand carved with Sāmoan tatau and siapo motifs, with each motif being chosen for their meaning within Sāmoan culture.

      Suiti Remedial Massage - Remedial Massage is a systemic assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal pains, aches, sport and postural related issues. Suiti Hicks is a remedial massage and lymphatic drainage consultant who incorporates elements of Samoan fofo to help heal island people.
      Betty Plumi - Handmade crochet/ knit items. Her one of a kind Polynesian dolls are adorable. All items are made to order.

      Harper James - Harper James is a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of everyday intimates. At our core we believe intimates should be comfortable, supportive and available to everybody. Each capsule is designed to enhance feminine curves while providing the necessary support and comfort to carry you through your day.
      Under the Bird - Underthebird started in 2016 with a small market stall, selling scented products under the name Soy Delights. Underthebird has quickly evolved into so much more and today we bring you a range of top quality products ranging from candles, jewellery, home décor & baby products, with a heavy Pacific Island influence and flavour. We are also proud of the connections we have made in Samoa, dealing directly with amazing locals who we work closely with to bring you some beautiful, ethically sourced, handmade items, allowing them to support their families financially in the process.
      Moana Chips - Moana translates to “blue” or “ocean” in the Samoan language. For thousands of years, ancient Polynesians voyaged across the vast, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean – the Moana. They relied on taro as one of their food sources and were able to cultivate this nutrient-rich root throughout Polynesia. To this day, taro remains a food staple in the islands of the moana. With Moana Taro Chips, we want to spread our love for taro with the rest of the world. Harvested using the same traditional techniques, Moana Taro Chips are the perfect complement to poke, salsa, guacamole or just eat them straight out of the bag! Rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamins, Moana Taro Chips are an amazingly delicious gourmet snack. A true taste of paradise, straight from the heart of Polynesia!
      Hair by Melesete -Qualified hair stylist with 10 years of experience. Gift cards available. Works in Melbourne Victoria.
      Uso Tatau - Private tattoo studio based in Wyndham Vale Victoria, Australia.

        Supporting Samoan-owned businesses helps the local economy and Samoans all over the world. So, this Christmas, consider giving the gift of supporting these amazing Samoan-owned businesses.

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